Wow... big update time. Sorry Ive been busy and Ive hardly been able to stay connected to AOL, Im shitty. Found out my computer is so hold & not compatable wit AOL, well that's what my sister's bf said anyways. I only have AOL 'til the end of Feb. cuz I dont have money to pay $30/mth and exspecially cuz it's only worth like 2 cents. I also went back to and my name there is CoronaBaeB. I can update my journals from the library & peoples' houses tho :) Anywho~ Left off on Monday 1/31, Scott Butler called me as I was gettin ready for school. He was in Georgia (army) but said he was leaving soon, but didnt know where. Hes more than likely gonna end up in Iraq where his Bro is (Shawn left the 27th for Iraq). Didnt talk to Shane :( Tuesday, 2/1. Talked to Scott Butler again and D-Money... no Shane. Wed 2/2... still no Shane. Thurs 2/3, Shane called at like 2:15am!! Yay. I love him. Okay so apparently I didnt do anything those days except talk on the phone, LoL. Fri 2/4 was a half day at school. It was also our Basketball homecoming... no I didnt go I partied :) After school I went to Jack's house, then me, him, & David went to Mikey's aunt's house and Jack pierced Mikey's 2 cousins (one eye, one nose) then the 4 of us went to Mikeys for a lil' bit then to the mall to get body jewerly. Went to Jack's, took a nap while Mikey & Jack watched WWE (David went to a family thing, but came back lata). Then Jack pierced my eyebrow. Damn, finally!! Then later that night we got drunk. Of course I ended up being late with no ride & got in trouble. So I hid my eyebrow until the next day, but my parentals didnt care... they expected it sooner or later, haha. Didnt talk to Shane, didnt do nuffin on Sat 2/5 & no Shane ither. Oh that's right, my dad wouldnt lemme do anything cuz he was pissed he's like "Just what you wanted, you wanted to be stuck there" omg, whatever! (Jack's). Sunday 2/6 was the SuperBowl... but noo I couldnt go to the party at Jack's. :\ Shane called at 3am and he told me he had to come to Indy instead of me goin to AZ first, cuz he had to talk to my dad. I figured for tattoo shit or something. And Im like "WTF, My Dad?!?!?" He's like "Yes, I have to ask for his blessing in your hand in marriage"... OMG!!! He always said he dont wanna get legally/officially married, but we can still be together forever & it be the same thing. But wow. So we were talking bout that for a while. He was being honest & true/serious too. He misses me soo much. But I think this lil break was good for us, just not this fucken long!!! I talked to him around 8pm, too. Nuffin happened Mon 2/7. On Tues 2/8 it would have been mine & his 6 months :) Yep I talked to him, but didnt go out or nuffin. I didnt even go to school, I was sick :( Wed 2/9 I didnt go to school again, I went to the doc at 11:20am and got some anti-biotics & cough medz for a sinus infection. I was miserable. No Shaney-Poo. Thrus 2/10, still stayed home from school. I was gonna go, my dad woke me up & I took a shower n got ready then they said I wasnt going unless I wanted to. Sweet... but I ended up gettin worse again, so good thing I stayed home. I talked to Shane. Fri 2/11 I went back to school, but couldnt go to Jack's cuz I had to be 100% better and all the smoke wouldnt help or some shit :\ So I just stayed home all night & talked to Shane. Sat 2/12 was my baby, Danielle's 19th bday!! I couldnt get ahold of her tho. I didnt talk to Shane, ither. I got up and went shopping, literally all day, with my mom and aunt. We went to my sister's and her, Randy, & their hs friend, Sarah (stayed the weekend there) went to Kohls with us. I got white jeans, Pink & white top, & a purse at DEB. I got buncha sox there, too and some at Kohls. I got a Tink shirt & hat at the Disney store. I think that's it. I was in line at the Japanese place with my mom & turned around and saw *Joshua* in line @ Subway (next to us) I freaked out... then went over to the other side of the Japan place with my aunt until I lost Joshua. (that bastard is dead to me). So I went back to my mom, and turned around towards Subway and omg, *Thomas* works there again. Kinda scared me, wasnt expectin him to be there. He worked there before he went to college in Chicago. My mom told me to tell him "Hi". Um no... he talked to me *online* not in *person/public* LoL. Guys are immature! Then Sun 2/13 was my Grandma's 69th bday. So I had to go over there for a 'party'. It was decently better than it usually is tho. I dont like em family things and theyre boring. I came home & talked to Shane :)
Today is Valentine's Day!! Aww. Last night I got a Cinderella tin with V-day heart candies in it, a heart-shaped "Hot Stuff" fluffy bean pillow, & lip-print sheets from my parents. But the sheets are the wrong size, my mom forgot my bed changed, but she gave them to me anyways, LoL. She's gonna exchange them tho. Jack didnt go to school. But I guess he went this morning to see Awesome Ashley and give her a monkey stuffed animal for V-day, then went home. How f-en sweet!! Ash said he was sick. Hopefully he aint skippin! It's only 7*17pm, so I havent talked to Shane yet- he should be home tonight tho. I gotta go call Jack now tho. Payce homiez!
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Sun.1/30 @ 4*54pm

Friday after school we went to Joe's Crab Shack, but Jack didnt come because they were planning on goin to Brazil shortly after school & he wanted to go. Well turns out, when we got done @ Joe's, they still hadnt left yet. Heh. Anyways so my sister met us up there- she was all upset & stressed from work and she left Thursday or Friday. And then she went home and me n da parentals went up to my Granny's house for a lil bit. After I got home, then Amber came & got me and we went to the movies to see "Hide & Seek", it was a really good movie. It was scary, but I was fine afterwards :) Meh, two 18 yr old girls curled up together in the movie theature... kinda funny. LmAo. We're cool ;) Then we went to McDonalds to piss cuz the movie bathroom had a long line, then we went to Wal-Mart so I could get some sticker things for my photo albulm that I ran out of the other day. I called David's cell and they was all at Mikey's house and not comin to Jack's that night. Then Saturday, my sister & Randy picked me up and we went to the state fairgrounds for some sale thingy, but it was $6.00 just to get in to the building and shit. It was wack, so we just ended up goin to Pizza Hut & goin back to their place to eat, then Josie took me to Jack's house after wards. My parentals were at some party, so they wasnt home. At Jacks' it was just him & Fatty. Then later some other people showed up and stuff. Then I was "house-sitting" and Joe and some Brenn dude was over, so I was "in charge" cuz Jack left wit Fatty & Cody to the store. And my parentals showed up and made me leave cuz they was on their way home and wasnt gonna come back out & I didnt know if any of the guys could take me home. So I was pretty shitty. Then I remembered that I had given them $10. and I had a strawberry shake on the way. So I was fucked outta dat! Idk where Jack is now and D$, QuickSilver, ESA, The General & forget who all else is at the mall, but D$ doesnt have a ride back to Brazil cuz General's car broke down & Logan dont have time n Cheyenne got his car taken away. So Idk. He didnt have a ride home last time ither and that was a bunch of drama. D$ cant come back down if he dont go home tonight. I didnt even get to fucken see him this weekend tho!!! URGH. Him & David were stuck @ Davids cuz noone wanted to go out there to get em. But I think they ended up at Jack's later last night, but of course I wasnt fucken there. Anyways, Im gettin mad again from talkin bout it so Im bouncin. Later.
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1.27 @ 7*17pm

Sunday was my 18th birthday! Everyone came at noon. Heh. My gramma bought me a lot of lottery tickets. I only won on one, but it was $2. I just turned it in on Wed. LoL. I got some other stuff too. Ive been talkin to Shane like everyday, its tight. 20 minute calling cards for a dollar at the dollar tree, lucky me to go in there. I wanted a cheap lil address book so my dad took me there & I found those. Insanely awsome price! So yeah. I havent done anything all week. Tomarrow after school me & Jack are goin to Joes Crab Shack wit my parentals for my b-day and then I might go wit Jack and the other homiez to Brazil & D-Money is stayin the weekend down here :) Sorry so short, but I gotta bounce. I'll prolly update lata!
PS. I went to the orthodontist today. I get my braces off in 5.5 weeks! We finally got my Tink bedspread washed today too at the laundry mat up north-- couldnt been able to find one wit a big enough washer/dryer.

OH, I did see Chris and Danielle on Tues. I think and I hung out wit them for a while. Shes 6 wk. pregnant. Jennifer is abou 5 wk. too! Ahh.
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1*22 @ 9*45pm.

Wow, yesterday was quite eventful. The homiez came over around 4pm. The only girl that came was Ali. But more people were at Jack's later. It was Cheyenne, Mikey, Jack, David, Josh, & Dustin. Cheyenne & Dustin each game me $10. Jack's making me a Kinky-8 shirt. David got me a Tink mini snow globe :) I said NO PRESANTS!!! But thank you! LoL, I have soo much shit & I have to open an adoption agency for all my stuffed animals and stuff. *Tear* Im so tender-hearted. Anyways, then Cheyenne, Josh, & Dustin left to go to some guitar shop or something after pizza. But The 5 of us had a blast. Jack ate 2 whole pizzas!!! Then 1/4 of a a 6 pound cake!!! Then he went and puked! Ha, he said it was all the icining on the cake. So then after he pukes he grabs another piece of pizza! Haha, but I dont think he ate all of it. Then the rest of the guys went to Jacks, and me & Ali chillled here up in room, then them 3 boys came back and got us. Then we all went to Jack's house. And everyone else showed up there, *of course* cuz thats where we can party hard. But the girls that were there are a bunch of fucken drama queens, theyre always on their cells bitch at someone about beatin their ass and to stop runnin their mouth, bla bla bla, so I just went in the back room wit Jack & some other people cuz Jack was tryin to get his tattoo gun to run to tattoo some pplz. :) Then Cheyenne took me home between 11:30pm and midnight, and Ali's mom called cuz she was aspose to be home or at my house... and she wasnt, so she called Jacks and got sent home. But Mikey dropped her off at her cousins (cuz she didnt want to go to her moms) and left before he could make sure someone was home, so she was stuck outside in the snow, freezing her ass off. She kept calling and ppl kept tellin her theyd get her and never did. So I called over there and one of the drama queens started bitchin at me that everything was taken care of bla bla bla and hung up on me. Which oviously everything wasnt taken care of, cuz Ali was still outside!!! But I dont play their games or tripp ova them, I aint gonna call em back and be immature like them. So Im not sure what ended up happenin wit Ali, her phone is shut off today. I hope she's not in juvy or anything, cuz she was gonna end up there the next time she did soemething :\ She has a 19mth old daughter to take care of. :( But Trinity (her kid) will be alright, she lives wit Ali's mom. So yah. Shane called this morning at 2am again. I didnt call him back "in an hour" the other night cuz I ended up watchin The OC and thats the ONLY tv show I watch & I *have* to see it, LoL. So cut some slack! And when I did call, noone answered- I think the cell was shut off. So I talked to him for a bit. And then a few hours ago he called a couple times again to get some peoples' phone numbers. But he was at a wrestling training thing so he couldnt chit-chat. Im aspose to call him lata tonight if he dont call me first. OMG I FUCKEN LOVE HIM!!! Todays my last day of being 17. I'll be 18 tomarrow :) Im tryin to talk my parentals into lettin me open my bday prestants and midnight or 1am. Hehe. Tomarrow at noon my grama & sister are coming over for lunch (Chicken & Noodles) then at 2pm my aunts & everyone are coming over for cake. Some might come at noon, too. Idk. But yah. I was promised a tattoo on my 18th bday like 18 years ago (LoL) but I was informed that we dont have a couple hundred... so Idk if it'll happen tomarrow or not. But they *will* buy me one ASAP! I have tah go to the mall tomarrow to get applications and get my eye brows threaded (Nirvana-- its better than waxing). I better get a job. I have more places to choose from and a better chance and shit since I'm 18. So yep. I believe that is all! Holla atcha girl!

PS. I talked to Danielle today, also! And Friday was my baby cousin's Sweet 16. Happy Happy!
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Jan 20 @ 9*50pm

Monday.Tuesday.Wednesday.Thursday.Wow Im such a slacker. :( My AOL hardly lets me stay connected long enough to do anything tho! Umm I think Monday (if not, Tuesday) then Cheyenne came and got me & we went to BK to eat, then to Jack's house. I drove from BK to Jack's. :) We hung out there for a while, it was tight-- as always. & Jack drew a pimp tat 4 me, its the best Ive had so far. I forget which day that was & then the other day, I dont think I did anything-- oh no I didnt, I remember; came home and slept until 11pm. On Wednesday I cleaned the house, as I did today as well. Cuz tomarrow the homiez are comin over for my bday. This morning at like 1am I got a collect call... my Baby!!! <33 I talked to him for about an hour. And talked to him for a few minutes a lil while ago, but he told me to call back in like an hour cuz he was drunk. :\ Thats it! I love Shane. It had been exactly 2 weeks, minus 1/2 an hour. Hehe. Big partayz tomarrow cuz Sunday I'll be 18! 2.5 days left of being 17.

127 dayz until graduation!
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Sun.1-16. @ 4*18pm

Thursday... sleep? Friday went to the mall & Kroger wit my mom, then I called Cheyenne on the pay phone @ Kroger and him n Dustin picked me up there & we went to Wal-Mart and to an auto place to get breaks for his car. Ryan Walden works at the auto place! OMG! He looks so diffrent. Haha. I loved him, yet Ive always hated him all at the same time. So anyways, then we went to the mall and then we were rollin round diff. houses- Mikey's, Cheyenne's, Terese's & Terese's ex bf Kyle's. Yah long story, but I ended up coming home wit Shelly cuz we were left @ Mikey's and after waiting and shit we decided to leave. The guys all went and had a street fight. The first time is when I was at Terese's (wit all da girls) then I guess they got in a fight wit some dude's dad. And then after me & Shelly left we ran into the guys and they had gotten more people and there was 3 vehicles full of people and I came home but heard Saturday that they fought some more & the police were called and shit. Idk, it's a bunch of drama and everything- it's always happening! Then now its 1:50am on Sunday. I called Nathanael (Andy) on Sat. and he didnt get off work until 11pm so he came and got me when he got off, went home & changed and we went up to Indianapolis to a gay coffee-house where he plays/sings. It was cool. I got home at like 2am. We just went up there so I could see it and cuz it was after midnight & theres not too much to do at this hour, LoL. I havent heard from Shane or anything since last week. *tEaR* I just got up about 3pm today. Happy 18th B-day Jamie!
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Wed 1*12

Thursday the 6th I called Shane at 1:30am to ask him if he'd move to Indiana with me in May (as originally planned) instead of me goin out there. He said yes. But we didnt really get to talk cuz he was leaving, so I didnt explain anything. God I love him! On Friday Jennifer & Alex came to pick me up & we went to David's Bridal. She had an apt at 2pm and she tried on some wedding dresses and found a really pretty one. I found a kute lilac Maid of Honor's dress. She wanted a light blue type one, but they didnt have that color in this style, but then she went online & found one on their site and found out my liliac one is gonna get expired or something. So I think we're gonna go wit da blue one. It's a lil diff & a lil more expensive but it's aight. And my mom cant complain, cuz Im gonna wear it to prom, too! Then we went to the mall and ordered Alex & the guys' tuxes and went to Victoria Secrets. I got all wired when we got to the mall. Hmmm. It was fun. Saturday would have been mine & Shane's 5 months!!! Sunday Cheyenne, Dustin, & Josh came to pick me up & we drove around for a while & went to the mall, then at 7pm we went to Hooters and met up wit da rest of the homiez and ate n watched WWE on payper view. It was a blast :) Monday I came home & went to sleep then around 8:30pm, Cheyenne stopped by, and I left wit him n we went to Jack's and chilled for a lil' bit n went to Burger King. It was also our first day back at school, it sucked! Today at school was a lil better, but I already got homework :\ I did draw a pimp ass Tinker Bell pic tho! Its good! I did it in art when I got done with my disfunctional pop can and finished it in 6th and 7th period. I just called Hon to see if they got my letter for Shane and he's soo nice! He said that Shane was there the day he got it, and Shane had talked to me later that night, I wonder why he didnt mention it? Oh... yah, that was the night he was leaving & we didnt really talk I guess. But Hon said that he was gonna call Shane at the last number he gave him & tell him to gimme a holla. Welp thats it! Sorry that I havent updated, I keep meaning to. I wasnt even online Monday, ahhh! Heh.
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1*5*05 @ 8*25pm

So from the last post about Shane, we officially hooked up again. We might as well be cuz he aint wit noone (yes hed tell me if he had, & he hadnt fucked noone ither) and Im not. We love each other and are gonna be together in May when I graduate, so there's no point in bein wit someone else and shit. So yay!!! He called me Tuesday morning again at like 3am and we talked for another hour or more. Gawd I love him! I havent been doin nothin but stayin up until like 7am and then sleeping in until like 5pm. Haha! I'm a bum. Tomarrow I gotta get up and go to the orthodontist & Wal-Mart (to get pix dev.) and on Friday or/& Saturday I'm going out wit Jennifer to look at Wedding Dresses and all that fun shit for her wedding this spring/summer. I really need a job, cuz Im helping her with it and am gonna be the Maid of Honor + then me & Shane need money for our place and traveling shit. Plus I need a fucken car! There's this one I want for only $800 & it runs n shit, but urgh money is a big issue!! Idk... Imma talk Shane & my parentals into stayin here for about a year so we can get a job and have some money and so I can go back to beauty school for 700 hours and get my license so I'll have someplace to start when we move to Cali or Arizona or wherever we're going. I dont know... we'll just have to see how things go. I gotta call my aunt cuz she owns this mobile home that me & my fam lived in when we first moved to Indy, I told her yrs ago I want it when Im 18 but she's renting it out to people, so IDK if it'll be available in June and how much we'll have to pay... it may be easier just to live here... Urgh. Anyways, that's all for now.
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Bling Bling


So it's almost 3:30 am on Monday! I am so awake! Well I went to bed Sat night at 11pm and didnt get up until 6pm Sunday. But I was layin up n bed & about 2am, SHANE CALLS! We were talkin on the phone for like an hour, he talked 2 my dad for a few minutes, too. I fucken love him & miss the shit outta him. 144 days until I can see him, we cant wait. Everything is perfect with us, my dreams arent just dreams! OMG, Im so happy! Not only cuz of our future that I was reassured about, but also cuz I got to talk to him !!! <3
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Sunday 1*2*05 @ 10*39pm

Friday I stayed the night at my sister's house. And they went to bed at like 10pm so I got mad and called n asked my mom if the boys could come pick me up & hang out at Jack's house. I wanted to go there originally but they wouldnt lemme cuz it's a bunch of true-partyin over there. I'm surprised she lemme go! But of course as soon as I made plans, they woke up and came back out and shit. But oh well, it was boring and they werent drinkin wit me. Not that I should really complain, cuz at least I had alcohol AND it's more for me witout them, LoL. But I wanted fun!! So I left and went to Jack's. Jack was driving... he dont even have his permit! But Cody (the dude's car, was too drunk to drive). And Cody's gf (Whitney) and her friend (Kayla) were in the back seat wit me. Well I guess I left my cell in Cody's car cuz I couldnt find it and Cody n Whit had left for a while. So when I got home, I called Jack's to see if they had gotten ahold of Cody to see if my cell was in the car & Cody answered the phone & said he had it. Well they kept it over night and it was turned off, I think cuz it went outta service, so it just shut off since it'd been doin that all night. Well I called it later on and it was on! So I called Cody's cell and Kayla answered & I asked if they'd been fuckin wit my phone and she said no. Well I went over to Whitney's house on Saturday to get it back & to hang out. And Kayla had fucken used all my minutes up (its prepaid, but thankfully i only had like 2 minutes left, lol) and she took the "Shane" letter stickers off the back AND erased all my #s in my phone book! I was soo worried that they'd take the stickers off & erase my numbers, and sure enough! I couldnt sleep that night cuz I was paranoid about it. Thank God that bitch wasnt at Whit's house or she'd be in the hospital right now & I'd be in jail. Whitney's MOM even told me I should punch her, LoL. I even gave that bitch a cig on the way to Jack's from my sister's. But I guess it's cool cuz I had all of Shane's numbers for Arizona & California writen down in my agenda & have all my other numbers :) So ha, she didnt hurt me in the end. Plus I had enough stickers to re-write his name on the back, too! Except the E at the end, I used an F and an upside down T on top of it. It looks like a normal E, LoL. But I hung out over there all day yday & all night wit Cheyenne. He lemme drive his car, too. I'm the only one he's ever let drive it. It's a manuel & he was teachin me how. My truck is a stick-shift, too & Ive tried to drive it before, but his car is easier. It was awsome!!! I went to bed about 11pm last night & didnt get up until around 6pm tonight! Mwahahaha. SHANE CALLED ME LAST NIGHT! HE SAID HE COULDNT TALK CUZ THEY JUST PULLED UP AT THEIR BUDDY'S HOUSE, BUT HE JUST WANTED TO CALL N SAY HEY. AND HE SAID "I LOVE YOU" FIRST! SO YAY, HE STILL LOVES ME! I hadnt talked to him in almost 3 weeks! He called like a week ago, but I wasnt home. I miss his ass. *TeAr*

New Years Resolutions
1.Make nothing less than a C on my mid-terms & report cards
2.Do my exercises *Crunchez*
3.Dont be so bitchy & controlling
4.Respect myself & my body
5.Save my $$$
6.Control my temper & attitude with parentals & sister
7.Keep my hair dyed regularly
8.Help out more around the house
9.Dont break my braces, or if they do break, dont make em worse ;)
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